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Free Software

Software: ECO-C-arm Sample programs (overview)
ECO-C-arm Sample programs (.zip, 153KB)

(Win)ECO-C Sample programs (overview)
(Win)ECO-C Sample programs (.zip, 24KB)
Software: ECO-C-arm Demo version (V2.4b, .zip, 14MB)
with the following restrictions:
  • Code size is limited to 16KB.
  • Programs only run in bootstrap mode.
[... to DIL2106]
[... to NET2106]
[... to LC2194]
[... to LC2138]
Software: WinECO-C Demo version (V2.5b, .zip, 4.5MB)
with the following restrictions:
  • Load/save of the default settings not possible.
  • Generated output files cannot be larger than 32KB.
  • Restricted linker - only for NICO.
Important: do not forget to specify option -d when unpacking!
Otherwise path information may get lost!
[... to WinECO-C]
Software: ECO-C Demo version (.zip, 1.2MB)
with the following restrictions:
  • The libraries are supplied without sources.
  • Code generation only for NICO.
  • Only the targets Scotty08 and Scotty332 are supported.
[... to ECO-C]
Software: Graphic Library for LC-Displays (.zip, 138KB)
Installation: Copy the file into your (Win)ECO-C-folder.
Unpack it with 'pkunzip -d'.
[... to Graphic Library]
Software: M11 (.zip, 129KB)
Pinguin including Linux version
[... to M11]
Software: Flashloader update (V2.07, .zip, 435KB)
Flashloader, flashing/flashw for 68k and CPU32 single board computers.
Pinguin including Linux version
Software: NICO (.zip, 380KB)
Monitor for 68k and CPU32 single board computers.
(Usable only together with the flashloader.)
Software: PIC Programmer (.zip, 236KB)
with sample programs for the single board computer C-Mark.
Pinguin including Linux version
Software: ECO-C/WinECO-C Sample programs (.zip, 66KB)
Software: CAN Sample programs (.zip, 11KB)

For unpacking the .zip files (under DOS) pkunzip (.exe, 29KB) can be used.


Docu: TBE332 Manuals, PDF (.zip, 4.1MB)
Short version (.pdf, 2.6MB)
[... to TBE332]
Docu: GNU-Docu for ECO-C, ASCII (.zip, 237KB)
Docu: GNU-Docu for WinECO-C, ASCII (.zip, 410KB)
Docu: GNU-Docu for EDB, ASCII (.zip, 102KB)

Data Sheets

Analog Devices:

Docu: 12Bit analog I/O with ARM7 MCU ADuC702x (.pdf, 970KB)
Docu: ARM7 MCU with 12Bit ADC and DDS DAC ADuC7128 (.pdf, 1.8MB)
Docu: 6 channel 24Bit ADC with amplifier and reference AD7794/95 (.pdf, 828KB)
Docu: Touch Screen Digitizer AD7843 (.pdf, 271KB)


Docu: Infrared transceiver CS8130 (.pdf, 293KB)
CS8130 Addendum (.pdf, 26KB)

Electronic Assembly:

Docu: Low-cost LCD, 128x64 pixel, SPI EA DOGM128X-6 (.pdf, 819KB)


Docu: DUART XR68C681 (.pdf, 1.4MB)


Docu: Hex-Half-Bridge/Double Six-Driver TLE6208-6 (.pdf, 562KB)
Docu: High Current PN Half Bridge BTN7960 (.pdf, 753KB)


Docu: Serial FLASH MX25L8005 (.pdf, 612KB)


Docu: Dual 10Bit Digital Potentiometer MAX5494-99 (.pdf, 1.1MB)
Docu: RTC and Thermometer with I2C DS1629 (.pdf, 505KB)


Docu: Controller PIC16F8X (.pdf, 158KB)
Docu: Controller PIC16F84A (.pdf, 1.5MB)
PIC16F84A Errata sheet (.pdf, 52KB)
Docu: CAN controller with SPI MCP2515 (.pdf, 1.2MB)
Docu: ZigBee transceiver with SPI MRF24J40 (.pdf, 1.9MB)


Docu: 32Bit MCU MC68332 User's manual (.pdf, 1.5MB)
Docu: 32Bit MCU MC68340 User's manual (.pdf, 1.7MB)
Docu: 8Bit MCU MC68HC11A8 (.pdf, 777KB)
M68HC11 Reference manual (.pdf, 6.3MB)
Docu: Queued Serial Module QSM Reference manual (.pdf, 665KB)
Docu: Time Processing Unit TPU Reference manual (.pdf, 769KB)
Docu: CPU32 Reference manual (.pdf, 1.4MB)


Docu: Reset controller MC33465 (.pdf, 132KB)
Docu: Reset controller MC34064/MC33064 (.pdf, 144KB)


Docu: 32Bit MCU LPC2101/2/3 User manual (.pdf, 5.1MB)
Docu: 32Bit MCU LPC2104/5/6 User manual (.pdf, 2.3MB)
LPC2104/5/6 Product data (.pdf, 662KB)
Docu: 32Bit MCU LPC213x User manual (.pdf, 1.5MB)
Docu: 32Bit MCU LPC21/22xx User manual (.pdf, 1.5MB)
LPC21/22xx Product data (.pdf, 159KB)
Docu: CAN controller SJA1000 (.pdf, 316KB)
SJA1000 Application note (.pdf, 208KB)
SJA1000 Bit timing (.pdf, 193KB)
Docu: 82C200 -> SJA1000 Upgrading note (.pdf, 63KB)


Docu: Real Time Clock RTC4553 (.pdf, 44KB)
Docu: Real Time Clock + alarm RTC63421 (.pdf, 50KB)
Docu: Real Time Clock RTC72421 (.pdf, 66KB)
Docu: RTC Application manual (.pdf, 198KB)
Docu: RTC Table (.pdf, 35KB)


Docu: HC11 Port Replacement Unit TK68HC24PRU (.pdf, 99KB)


Docu: 12Bit ADC TLC2543 (.pdf, 413KB)
TLC2543 Application note (.pdf, 127KB)
Docu: 12Bit ADC TLV2556 (.pdf, 588KB)
TLC2543 Application note (.pdf, 127KB)
Docu: ADC Tutorial (.pdf, 84KB)
Docu: 8Bit Shift register TPIC6B596 (.pdf, 164KB)
Docu: 8Bit Shift register SN74HC595 (.pdf, 665KB)


Docu: 10/100MB Ethernet module NM7010A (.pdf, 299KB)
Docu: TCP/IP Stack in hardware W3100A (.pdf, 566KB)
Docu: Ethernet controller with SPI W5100 (.pdf, 1.3MB)
Docu: High-Performance Internet Connectivity Solution W5300 (.pdf, 2.5MB)


Docu: Z80 Family CPU User manual (.pdf, 2MB)
Z80 Family CPU Peripherals (.pdf, 2.3MB)
Z84C15 IPC (.pdf, 1.9MB)
Z84C15 EIPC (.pdf, 430KB)
Z84C15 Product update (.pdf, 22KB)


LC2194 old version


SCOTTY332 old version


IF232 old version


DIL2106 old version