Device Of The Week

February 19, 2010

MRF24J40 (Microchip)

ZigBee transceiver with SPI.
-> Data sheet MRF24J40

December 9, 2008

W5100 (WIZnet)

-> Data sheet W5100

November 7, 2007


Low-cost LCD, 128x64 pixel, SPI. Used on LCD1.
-> Data sheet EA DOGM128X-6

January 16, 2007


The ADuC7128 is a 1MSPS, 12Bit data acquisition system incorporating 10 channel ADC, DDS with line driver, 10Bit DAC, 32Bit ARM7 MCU, 126KB Flash, 8KB SRAM, UART, I2C, SPI and much more on a single chip.
-> Data sheet ADuC7128

September 13, 2006


10Bit (1024-tap), dual, non-volatile, linear-taper, programmable voltage dividers perform the function of a mechanical potentiometer, but replace the mechanics with a SPI-compatible serial interface. Wiper position stored in non-volatile memory and recalled upon power-up. 16-Pin, 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm TQFN package.
-> Data sheet MAX5494

September 5, 2006


The AD7794 is a low power, low noise, complete analog front end for high precision measurement applications. It contains a low noise 24Bit sigma-delta ADC with six differential inputs.
-> Data sheet AD7794

December 22, 2005


Six half bridges with 1A peak. Via SPI configurable as six High-Side and six Low-Side switches or as full bridges for 5 motors. Status bits include over-current, over-temperature etc.
-> Data sheet TLE6208-6

November 17, 2005


1MByte FLASH-Memory with SPI. Used on NET2106. This IC is also available from other manufacturers.
-> Data sheet MX25L8005

November 10, 2005


Inexpensive 12Bit A/D converter from Texas Instruments. Short description: 12Bit, 11 channels, 150ksps, build-in reference, SPI, 2.7V to 5.5V supply voltage. This A/D converter is used on the SBC (Single Board Computer) NET2106.
-> Data sheet TLV2556

November 2, 2005


Extremely inexpensive digital output. Used on LED7. This application uses four of these shift registers to get 32 bits of output.

This IC is available from various manufacturers in various packages.
-> Data sheet SN74HC595

October 27, 2005


Shift register with eight low side open-drain DMOS transistors. Maximum current is 150mA for all transistors simultaneously. Maximum voltage is 50V. The current limit for each transistor is 500mA.

The device is cascadeable. Manufacturer of the TPIC6B596 is Texas Instruments. Packages are DIL20 oder SO20. The chip is available from various manufacturers under similar names.

This device is used on the SPImS (Serial Peripheral Interface made Simple) relay board RELAIS8.
-> Data sheet TPIC6B596