MC68xxx C-Cross-Compiler for DOS

Embedded COntrol-C

LogoECO-C is a complete K&R- / ANSI-C-development environment for embedded control applications, which are based on the M68000 processor family.

All 68k and CPU32 targets are supported.

ECO-C is a complete development environment, consisting of the C-compiler with multi-pass optimizer, assembler, linker, archive utility, various standard libraries including all sources and the utilities necessary for cross-development, like terminal programm for download and test, make utility and ROM-file generator.

ECO-C may also be adapted to own targets.

New: WinECO-C
(C++ compiler for Windows9x, WindowsNT and Windows2000)

! Features


  • ANSI-C or K&R-C compatibitity
  • Inline-linking of functions and assembler-code
  • Modern code-production and optimization
  • Complete ANSI-C-library
  • Support of the RTC
  • Parameters can be held in the CMOS-RAM
  • Memory self-test at power on
  • ROM-code generation with special linker switch
  • Unlimited access to all I/O registers
  • Interrupt handler can be written directly in C
  • Floatingpoint by software or via code generation for FPU
  • Optimizing for MC68000, MC68020, MC68030, MC68040, MC68060 and CPU32
  • Library-sources included
  • UNIX a.out, S-Record, COFF and IEEE-695 object-code formats
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DOS yes
Windows9x no
WindowsNT no

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
ecoc ECO-C cross-compiler for DOS 228.97
ecoc-update ECO-C update 113.51
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry.

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