Source Level Debugger for DOS

Embedded Control DeBugger

LogoEDB is an adaption of the well-known source level debugger GDB. It works with all MC68k systems, that use ECO-C for program development. It has a powerful command line interface.

The Debugger communicates with the target computer via the serial interface or the very fast Background-Debugging interface on CPU32-based systems. Micro controllers with CPU32 have a special Background-Debugging-Mode, allowing external control over the running program.

The interface is connected to the parallel port of the PC via our adapter "PCfant".

! Features


  • Downloads programs to the target
  • Starts and stops programs
  • Shows breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Shows and changes variables or memory and register contents
  • Knows the types of variables
  • Executes programs in single-step mode
  • Shows the source code
  • Shows the stack contents
  • Knows the addresses of symbols
  • Disassembles
  • Allows program flow control
  • Provides command line history
  • Supports all ECO-C targets
  • Communication via the serial interface of the PC
  • Fast BDM interface "PCfant" for the printer port available
-> Manual
-> GNU-Docu


EDB serial EDB BDM
DOS yes yes
Windows9x no DOS box
WindowsNT no no

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
edb EDB Source Level Debugger serial and BDM 228.97
pcfant BDM interface including all cables 209.63
edb-update EDB update 113.51
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Software