Single Board Computer with MC68HC11, 2MHz

Cheque-Card-sized HC11 Computer

LogoIn typical micro controller applications, one finds always the same components: CPU, RAM, EPROM, RTC, battery, EEPROM, timer system as well as parallel and serial interfaces. To avoid the need of designing this "computer core" again and again, the piggyback board IC11B was developed. IC11B is cheque-card-sized and has two rows of "IC-pins". Using such a standard unit in a design usually saves time and money.

The heart of the IC11B is the 8Bit CPU MC68HC11A1 from Motorola. For reliability reasons the board is built in four layers. The address decoder is built with HCT components for low-power consumption. All important signals are led to the "IC-pins".

Programs generated on the PC can be downloaded to the IC11B. During program development a battery-buffered RAM is used instead of the EPROM. Programs are thus translated for the "correct" addresses and tested in RAM, saving the need for an ERPOM-simulator.

! Technical Data


  • Board 86mm x 54mm (corresponds to the size of a cheque card), 4 layers
  • 8Bit CPU MC68HC11A1 with 2MHz system clock
  • 5V supply voltage, current consumption 35mA (37mA with IF232-Modul, if no RS232-load is driven)
  • Connector for power supply with PWRFAIL and PWRDOWN signals, compatible to the power supply POWER1
  • Reset controller with voltage monitor
  • 32KB RAM (64KB with a second RAM in place of the EPROM)
  • 32KB EPROM
  • Serial interface on IF-module connector
  • SPI (serial interface for peripheral components like parallel I/O, AD/DA converters etc.)
  • Timer system with 16Bit registers (5 x Output Compare, 3 x Input Capture)
  • A/D converter 8Bit, 8 channels
  • 33 parallel in/outputs


  • Real Time Clock plus battery
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! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
ic11b-ent IC11B development kit, supply range as described above 178.95
ic11b-1 IC11B board with 32KB RAM, without EPROM, without manual 99.19
RTC4553 Option RTC plus battery
- HC11 Reference Manual -
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