Single Board Computer with TMPZ84C015, 5MHz

Cheque-Card-sized Z80 Computer

IC80 is designed to be used like an IC. Using standard units in a design usually saves time and money.

The board contains all components required for an operable micro computer. These are CPU, RAM, EPROM, serial I/O, parallel I/O, timer and A/D converter. The experience in the creation of electronic units results in modular concepts. IC80 is such a module.

For best reliability the board is built in four layers. The dimensions correspond to that of a cheque card. The logic for frequency divider and address decoder consists of HCT components, resulting in low-power requirement (about 20mA, depending on assembly variant).

The heart of the IC80 is the TMPZ84C015 from Toshiba. This device contains CPU, SIO, PIO and CTC. Because A/D converters are needed in many micro controller applications, optioanally the ADS7803 from Burr Brown, a 4 channel A/D converter with 12Bit resolution is available.

Also optional is a battery-buffered Real Time Clock (RTC).

The IC-pins of the IC80 consist of two rows with 33 pins each. Adress bus (8Bit), data bus, PIO lines, SIO lines, timer I/O, analog inputs and a couple of control lines are accessible.

! Technical Data


  • Board 86mm x 54mm, 4 layers
  • CPU TMPZ84C015 with 5MHz (4.915MHz) system clock
  • 5V supply voltage, current consumption typical 20mA
  • Connector for power supply with PWRFAIL and PWRDOWN signals, compatible to the power supply POWER1
  • Reset controller
  • 32KB RAM
  • 32KB EPROM
  • 2 serial interfaces on IF-module connectors
  • 2Bit timer out, 2Bit timer in
  • 4 x 8Bit timer
  • 16 parallel in/outputs


  • 10MHz (9.83MHz)
  • Real Time Clock plus battery
  • A/D converter 12Bit, 4 channels
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! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
ic80-ent IC80 development kit, supply scope as described above 265.87
ic80-1 IC80 board without EPROM, without manual 113.51
opt-10mhz Option 10MHz 20.45
RTC72421 Option RTC plus battery 15.59
RTC63421 Option RTC with integrated alarmtimer plus battery 20.45
ADS7803 Option ADC 12Bit, 4 channels 41.93
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Single Board Computers