Interface Modules

IF: BRIDGE1 (Motion Controller)
IF: ULCbaseA (Base for the Controller Boards LC2xxx and ULC2xxx)
IF: BASE2 (Power Supply and Hardware Extension for NET2106 and NET7026)
IF: RELAIS8 (SPImS Board with 8 Relays a 12 Amperes)
IF: LCD1 (SPImS Board with 128x64 Pixel LCD)
IF: LED7 (Seven-Segment-LED with SPI)
IF: TLXusb (USB 1.1 und USB 2.0 compatible)
IF: IF232LP (RS232)
IF: IF485LC (RS485)
IF: IF485OC (RS485, opto-decoupled)
IF: IFethernet (serial <--> Ethernet 10/100)

In addition to the serial modules there are PIF-Modules which connect to the TLX+/PIF bus (e.g. relay modules). Products