Single Board Computer with MC68340, 16MHz

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... Yet more Memory!

LogoMEGA340 is a further member of our family of 68000-based single board computers. Currently the MC68340 is one of the most efficient controllers with CPU32-core.

Many applications require a large amout of memory (e.g. data loggers). MEGA340 allows up to 4MB static RAM.

RTC and ADC are already a standard on most single board computers. The A/D converter on the MEGA340 is nevertheless worth mentioning, it has 4 channels with 12Bit resolution and ca. 10 microseconds conversion time. The reference voltage is 4.096V, allowing a resolution of one mV, for an input range of 0 to 4.096V.

The CPU32 also incorporates some kind of "emulator on-chip". Motorola calls this BDM (Background-Debugging-Mode). Expensive in-circuit emulators can thus be replaced by a simple hardware interface and PC software. The source level debugger EDB for example can use the BDM interface.

A CAN controller - the SJA1000 (Full CAN according to CAN2.0B standard) - enables connections according to the common CAN standard. Transmission rates up to one megabit per second are possible.

The current consumption of the MC68340 can be controlled by software via the PLL clock generator (131kHz up to 16,67MHz), useful in battery-powered applications, see table below.

131kHz 28mA 3.408MHz 48mA
262kHz 30mA 4.194MHz 54mA
524kHz 33mA 6.029MHz 70mA
1.049MHz 38mA 8.389MHz 88mA
1.442MHz 40mA 9.437MHz 96mA
2.884MHz 43mA 16.777MHz 150mA

! Technical Data


  • Board 100mm x 80mm, 6 layers
  • CPU32 MC68340 with 16MHz
  • System clock generation with PLL, 131kHz to 16.67MHz software-controlled
  • Programmable timing generator, 2 programmable timers/counters with I/O pins
  • Watchdog timer, bus timeout timer
  • Performance about 20 times higher compared to Z80 (4MHz)
  • With ECO-C 3560 Dhrystones, inline version 5630 Dhrystones
  • Current consumption typical 150mA
  • Low-power modes, battery operation possible
  • 1MB static RAM, optionally battery-buffered
  • Up to 2MB EPROM
  • TLX+/PIF-Bus for system extensions, for example graphic LCDs, TLXusb.html
  • 16Bit parallel out, 16Bit parallel in, 12Bit parallel in or out
  • 2 serial interfaces on IF-module connectors
  • Background-Debugging-Mode connector, Motorola compatible
  • CAN controller SJA1000 (Full CAN according to CAN2.0B standard)
  • Cross-C-compiler (ECO-C and/or WinECO-C) and source level debugger (EDB) available
  • C-library-sources for MEGA340 (supplied with ECO-C)


  • 4MB RAM
  • FLASH up to 1MB instead of EPROM
  • Real Time Clock plus battery
  • A/D converter 12Bit, 4 channels
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! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
mega340-ent MEGA340 development kit, supply scope as described above 644.23
mega340-ent-win Like mega340-ent, but with WinECO-C instead of ECO-C 1,044.06
mega340-1mb MEGA340 board without EPROM 326.20
mega340-4mb MEGA340 board with 4MB RAM, without EPROM 427.44
mega340-f1-ent Option FLASH 29F010 x 2 including boot block and programming software 35.79
mega340-f1 Option FLASH 29F010 x 2 including boot block 20.45
mega340-f2-ent Option FLASH 29F040 x 2 including boot block and programming software 56.24
mega340-f2 Option FLASH 29F040 x 2 including boot block 40.90
RTC72421 Option RTC plus battery 15.59
RTC63421 Option RTC with integrated alarmtimer plus battery 20.45
ADS7803 Option ADC 12Bit, 4 channels 49.08
nico NICO monitor 43.57
- MC68340 and CPU32 manuals -
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