Power Supply 5V 1.3/3A

Power to the SBCs!

POWER1 is a switched power supply specially designed for use with modern single board computers. The mechanical dimensions match exactly those of the SBC ZWERG11A. Due to the small mechanical dimensions and the modern design, POWER1 can be used in all applications requiring a regulated voltage of 5 Volts DC, up to 3 Amperes. Voltage regulation is done with a component from National Semiconductor, known as "simple switcher". Regarding the amount of extra components one can really call the design "simple", yet resulting in a reliable and low-cost power supply.

The efficiency is more than 80% and the input voltage range is from 7.5 to 34 Volts. POWER1 is equipped with a connector suitable for nearly any plug power pack. Insufficiencies of the plug power pack regarding voltage stability are fully compensated.

For battery or solar-cell-powered applications requiring power management, a Power Down function is available. The current consumption can so be lowered to ca. 100µA. On all SBCs supporting this feature, the power supply can be switched on via the RTC in predefinable time intervals. In other words: The current consumption is software controllable.

A Power Fail function is provided for monitoring the input voltage. A loss of supply voltage is recognized early, so that the SBC can still execute some emergency actions, like saving data in a battery-buffered RAM or in an EEPROM.

! Technical Data


  • Board 51mm x 54mm
  • Switched power supply with more than 80% efficiency
  • Output voltage 5V
  • Maximum output current 1.3A or 3A
  • Works with low-priced plug power pack
  • With 12V/500mA plug power pack 5V/1A possible
  • Power Fail, triggers at ratio 7/5 input/output voltage
  • Power Down for battery operation with SBCs supporting it e.g. SCOTTY08, Z80mini3
  • Input voltage 7.5... 34V
  • Weight only 27 gramms
-> Assembly
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! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
power1-5-1 Power supply 5V 1.3A 21.99
power1-5-3 Power supply 5V 3.0A 29.65
Plug power pack 12V/18VA for POWER1 8.89
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Power Supplies