Single Board Computer with MC68332, 16MHz

SCOTTY332 has been redesigned. The new version (SCOTTY332 - 05/2007) has only one 16Bit wide RAM instead of two 8Bit wide RAMs. Battery-buffering is also possible. The layout changes do neither affect dimensions nor the position of connectors. The two EPROM-sockets were replaced by two FLASH-Memories (29F040). Software is not affected.

Version 05/2007 optionally runs with a 25MHz clock. This reqires the following lines in the application's initialization sequence:

   INTERN.qsm.sccr0 = 40;        /* 19200 baud */
   INTERN.sim.syncr = 0xd700;    /* 25.17 MHz */

The price for SCOTTY332 is not changed, thus reducing the real costs, as the two FLASH-Memories are included for free.

The modern Scot

LogoThe success of the SCOTTY08 directly forced us to design a new, more powerful member of the SCOTTY family. The SCOTTY332 uses a MC68332 CPU (CPU32) with a 16Bit data bus (only 8Bit on SCOTTY08). Together with the faster CPU32 this yields an increase in performance of about factor six. But SCOTTY332 can also operate in 8Bit mode with a single EPROM or FLASH, and still three times the performance compared to the original SCOTTY.

Dimensions and connectors are compatible to SCOTTY08.

In addition SCOTTY332 is equipped with the CAN controller SJA1000 (Full CAN according to CAN2.0B standard) and the 10 channel 12Bit A/D converter TLC2543.

! Technical Data


  • Board 100mm x 80mm, multilayer
  • CPU32 MC68332 with 16MHz (25MHz)
  • TPU (A-mask) with 16 universal timer channels, G-mask loadable
  • System clock generation with PLL, 131kHz to 25MHz software-controlled
  • Watchdog timer, bus timeout timer
  • Current consumption typical 110mA
  • 1MB static RAM, optionally battery-buffered
  • Up to 1MB EPROM
  • TLX+/PIF-Bus for system extensions, for example graphic LCDs, TLXusb
  • 32 parallel I/O lines, 16 outputs, 8 inputs and 8 in/outputs with interrupt capability (vectorized)
  • Serial interfaces on IF-module connector
  • SPI (serial interface for peripheral components like parallel I/O, AD/DA converters etc.)
  • Background-Debugging-Mode connector
  • A/D converter 12Bit, 10 channels
  • CAN controller SJA1000 (Full CAN according to CAN2.0B standard)
  • Cross-C-compiler (ECO-C and/or WinECO-C) and source level debugger (EDB) available
  • C-library-sources for SCOTTY332 (supplied with ECO-C)


  • Real Time Clock plus battery
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Older versions: see -> Archive

! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
sc332-ent SCOTTY332 development kit, supply scope as described above 552.20
sc332-ent-win Like sc332-ent, but with WinECO-C instead of ECO-C 941.80
sc332-1mb SCOTTY332 board with 29F040 277.63
RTC72421 Option RTC plus battery 15.59
RTC63421 Option RTC with integrated alarmtimer plus battery 20.45
nico NICO monitor 43.57
- MC68332, QSM, TPU and CPU32 manuals -
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Single Board Computers