SCOTTY08 - V2.00

Single Board Computer with MC68EC000, 8/16MHz

Not for new designs!

The Scot

LogoSCOTTY08 is a low-priced, but yet good-performance single board computer. The processor MC68EC000, with 8MHz clock (16MHz optional) has a linear address space of one megabyte. 512KB RAM and 512KB EPROM are directly addressable.

The 16/32Bit architecture of the MC68000 family is well suited to be programmed in high-level languages. ECO-C or WinECO-C - both specially tuned for embedded control applications - are appropriate software development tools for SCOTTY08. A hardware specific library for SCOTTY08 enables a fast start for programmers.

SCOTTY08 is available since 1992 and is produced since then in almost unchanged form. The original SCOTTY had a MC68008 processor, but Motorola stopped its production. So we made a complete redesign, compatible to the original SCOTTY. Power consumption is even clearly lower in version 2.00. Further improvements: Four layer board, CMOS CPU, HALT and power LED.

! Technical Data


  • Board 100mm x 80mm, 4 layers
  • CPU MC68EC000 with 8MHz
  • Current consumption typical 76mA with IF232LP
  • 512KB static RAM, optionally battery-buffered
  • Up to 512KB EPROM
  • Peripherals on the basis of MFP 68901 and three TTL latches
  • TLX+/PIF-Bus for system extensions, for example graphic LCDs
  • Three 8Bit timers/counters with prescaler
  • 32 parallel I/O lines, 16 outputs, 8 inputs and 8 in/outputs with interrupt capability (vektorized)
  • Serial interface on IF-module connector
  • All peripheral and supply lines on a 96-pin VG-connector
  • Cross-C-compiler (ECO-C and/or WinECO-C) and source level debugger (EDB) available
  • C-library-sources for SCOTTY08 (supplied with ECO-C)


  • 16MHz (on inquiry)
  • 128KB FLASH instead of EPROM
  • Real Time Clock plus battery
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! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
sc08-ent SCOTTY08 development kit, supply scope as described above 455.05
sc08-ent-win Like sc08-ent, but with WinECO-C instead of ECO-C 900.90
sc08-f-512k SCOTTY08 board without EPROM 176.57
sc08-fl-ent Option FLASH 29F010 including boot block and programming software 27.61
sc08-fl Option FLASH 29F010 including boot block 12.27
RTC72421 Option RTC plus battery 15.59
RTC63421 Option RTC with integrated alarmtimer plus battery 20.45
nico NICO monitor 43.57
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Single Board Computers