USB Interface Module

High-Speed Data Transfer

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the modern variant of the serial interface. There are mainly two striking advantages over the RS232 standard:

There are no connection problems such as, for example, the level of handshake lines, crossed RxD/TxD lines etc. The high speed of course predestinates USB for the transfer of large amounts of data. Single board computers are equipped with more and more memory these days. Using USB, the serial data transfer (e.g. downloading a program) takes only a fraction of the time needed when the transfer is done via RS232.

The TLXusb connects - as its name indicates - to the TLX+ interface, and can be used with any computer with TLX+ (or duly programmed parallel I/O ports).

For the PC side, a Windows driver is supplied on the optionally available CD. The current version of the driver is available from Future Technology Devices International (Link: FTDI) for free download. The driver installs a virtual COM port on the PC, i.e. programs access the driver as a "normal" COM port. The driver then "redirects" data to USB. Interface parameters such as handshake protocol and baudrate are ignored, data is always transferred at the highest possible speed.

The target of course also requires a USB-aware program. The optionally available CD contains example programs for HC11- and 68k/CPU32-based single board computers, as well as USB versions of the NICO monitor and the flashloader for the targets listed below:

The USB version of the NICO monitor increases download speed significantly during program development.

The example programs provide functions for easy use of the TLXusb. With ECO-C programmable targets, a simple call to the function usb_io() in your program is all you need to make the standard I/O use the TLXusb. So, in a quick and simple way, without special knowledge about USB, you are able to integrate a USB port into your project.

! Technical Data


  • Board 60mm x 40mm, 4 layers
  • USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible
  • Simple 5V supply voltage
-> USB in 3 Steps
-> Assembly
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! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
tlxusb USB interface module 45.00
tlxusb-kabel 26-pin flat ribbon cable with two connectors 5.45
tlxusb-cd CD with NICO, flashloader and example programs 5.00
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Interface Modules