MC68xxx C-Cross-Compiler for Windows

Windows Embedded COntrol-C

Screenshot Our proved C-cross-compiler ECO-C is now available with a graphic user interface for Windows.

It contains a multi-document editor, a window for compiler messages, a project tree as well as a terminal window for communication with the target computer.

Its project management permits an automatic and comfortable administration of the source files for your application. There is no need to write makefiles, because WinECO-C automatically generates the makefiles according to the project settings.

Also included is a comfortable online-help.

Like ECO-C, WinECO-C is based on GNU GCC. For WinECO-C however the newer GCC version 2.7.2 was ported to Win32. This has the advantage that the DOS-extender is no longer needed, making it faster and more stable. WinECO-C is fully ANSI-C compatible, uses 32Bit arithmetic and 64Bit floating point arithmetic according to IEEE 775 and has a multi-pass optimizer. It may also be adapted to own targets. All 68k and CPU32 targets are directly supported.

All libraries for ECO-C are also available for WinECO-C (e.g. the Graphic Library). You can also use your own existing ECO-C libraries.

WinECO-C now also supports C++ (IO-stream-class library is supplied, allowing in/output via "cin" and "cout").

! Features


  • WinECO-C IDE, including terminal for communication and download
  • C/C++ compiler, assembler (MIT-syntax), linker, archive utility for libraries
  • ROM-code generator, startup files and predefined linker scripts
  • Standard libraries: ANSI-C, C++ IO-class library libio
  • Additional libraries: LCD control, graphic routines for LCDs
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-> GNU-Docu

You find a restricted demo version on our download page.


DOS no
Windows9x yes
WindowsNT yes
Windows2k/xp yes

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
winecoc WinECO-C cross-compiler for windows 731.15
winecoc-update ECO-C to WinECO-C update (only for registered ECO-C users) 502.09
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. de: Products: Software