Single Board Computer with TMPZ84C015, 5MHz


For all lovers of the "good old" Z80-CPU, the Z80mini3 is the right choice. Beside the Z80-CPU, further well-known units like SIO, PIO and CTC are found on the microprocessor-chip TMPZ84C015 from Toshiba, which is the heart of the Z80mini3.

Only through the high integration of the TMPZ84C015, it was possible to put such a variety of functionality on a board area of 81mm x 81mm.

The Z80mini3 is an improvement of the Z80mini. It is compatibel to the "old" design, i.e. applications for the Z80mini also run on the Z80mini3.

The improvements are as follows:

! Technical Data


  • Board 81mm x 81mm, 4 layers
  • CPU TMPZ84C015 with 5MHz (4.915MHz) system clock
  • 5V supply voltage, current consumption 65mA
  • Reset controller with voltage monitor
  • 32KB RAM (128KB with bank-switching)
  • 32KB EPROM
  • Serial interface on IF-module connector
  • 2 x 8Bit timer
  • 16 parallel in/outputs


  • 10MHz (9.83MHz), current consumption 98mA
  • Real Time Clock plus battery
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! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
z80mini3-ent Z80mini3 development kit, supply scope as described above 233.41
z80mini3-1 Z80mini3 board without monitor-EPROM, without manual 137.03
z80mini3-10mh Option 10MHz 20.45
RTC72421 Option RTC plus battery 15.59
RTC63421 Option RTC with integrated alarmtimer plus battery 20.45
*VAT and shipment not included. Quantity discounts on inquiry. Products: Single Board Computers