Single Board Computer with MC68332, 25MHz

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The ZWERG332 is quasi the big brother of the other boards of the ZWERG series. First the ZWERG11A, next ZWERG11plus and then ZWERG332, the top-ZWERG, regarding performance and speed (although of the same small size of only 51mm x 54mm). In contrast to the other members of the ZWERG family, it is not based on the MC68HC11, but on the controller MC68332 from Motorola. The high clock frequency of 25MHz (HC11: 2MHz) and the 32Bit CPU make it a powerful embedded controller. The MC68332 also has an improved timer system compared to the HC11. It consists of a separate TPU (Time Processing Unit), allowing different functions to be executed simultaneously on 16 channels (e.g. Input Capture, Output Compare, PWM...).

The ZWERG332 has 512KB battery-buffered SRAM and 512KB on-board-programmable FLASH.

The serial interface, with transmission rates up to 500kBit/s, can be connected to various IF-Modules, allowing different standards (e.g. RS232 or RS485).

In addition the MC68332 provides a SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) for fast serial I/O devices like the on-board A/D converter TLC2543 from Texas instruments.

The RTC is also connected to the SPI.

Moreover, the ZWERG332 is equipped with a BDM (Background-Debugging-Mode) connector. BDM not only allows debugging programs, but also direct communication with the CPU, downloading and programming the FLASH.

! Technical Data


  • Board 51mm x 54mm, 6 layers
  • CPU32 MC68332 with 25MHz
  • TPU (A-mask) with 16 universal timer channels, G-mask loadable
  • System clock generation with PLL, 131kHz to 25MHz software-controlled
  • Watchdog timer, bus timeout timer
  • Performance about 20 times higher compared to Z80 (4MHz)
  • With ECO-C 2060 Dhrystones, inline version 3380 Dhrystones
  • Current consumption ca. 100mA (with ADC and IF232LP)
  • Low power modes, battery operation possible
  • 512KB static RAM, battery-buffered
  • 512KB FLASH including boot block and NICO monitor
  • TLX+/PIF-Bus for system extensions, for example graphic LCDs, TLXusb
  • The processor bus signals are only partially accessible (8Bit data / 8Bit addresses)
  • 17 I/O port lines
  • Serial interface on IF-module connector
  • SPI (serial interface for peripheral components like parallel I/O, AD/DA converters etc.)
  • Background-Debugging-Mode connector
  • Real Time Clock plus battery
  • A/D converter 12Bit, 11 channels
  • Cross-C-compiler (ECO-C and/or WinECO-C) and source level debugger (EDB) available
  • C-library-sources for ZWERG332 (supplied with ECO-C)


  • Battery
  • Real Time Clock (on inquiry)
-> Manual
-> Assembly1
-> Assembly2
-> Diagram

-> mc68332.pdf
-> cpu32.pdf

! Development Kit

For a start we offer a complete development kit:

! Prices

Part Code Details EUR*
z332-ent ZWERG332 development kit, scope of supply as described above 495.95
z332-ent-win Like z332-ent, but with WinECO-C instead of ECO-C 935.66
z332-1 ZWERG332 board 209.74
batt Option battery 4.00
z332-hb ZWERG332 manual (including disk with hardware definition files) 15.34
- MC68332, QSM, TPU and CPU32 manuals -
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